Veggie Rice Bowl + Spinach Soybean Soup

Yesterday I made myself two dishes: a big vegetable rice bowl and a decent serving of spinach soybean paste soup.

Initially I just wanted to have regular fried rice for lunch but I ended up making a veggie rice bowl instead. It’s really just regular sinangag, except it takes more effort to make and the presentation looks more boujee. Ingredients-wise, it’s just the same as veggie fried rice.

For supper I decided to make hot soup using soybean paste (doenjang) for the broth. Traditional spinach soybean paste soup (sigeumchi doenjang guk) has Manila clams according to the many recipes available online. I didn’t know where to find those and I was not keen on trying them out either, so I just used veggie stock. I also added tofu for more protein.

Before I made the soup, I had around a quarter of a bottle of red moscato. It was actually my parents who were drinking last night, but Pa wasn’t a fan of moscato (it’s too sweet daw) so Ma ended up drinking way more than she intended. She called me to help her finish the bottle; otherwise, I think she would’ve downed the entire thing.

I’m not a wine person so a few gulps of wine can get me tipsy. Making the soup was therefore the obvious choice so I could pee the tipsy away.


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