Making Fluffy Pancakes from Scratch

ON SUNDAY I made pancakes for brunch.

What I really wanted to make were the pretty souffle pancakes that I always see on YouTube, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pull it off. My pancakes ended up not as tall, but they were at least thick and fluffy and decently tasty.

Also, yes, I made them from scratch.

I based the recipe on this YouTube video but I tweaked the amount of the ingredients according to the suggestions in the comments.

I also put together my own video so I could show you how I made my pancakes. The video is super amateur, by the way. I shot it using a cheap Android phone so even the 1080p version looks meh, and I couldn’t include a voiceover because my old-ass computer couldn’t handle the weight of the files. Pffft.

If not for my ailing laptop, I think I would make more videos as a side quarantine project. I want to do video essays and silent vlogs (see sueddu), but there’s no way I’m dedicating my laptop’s processor exclusively for video editing. I have other shit to do, too.

And, just so we’re clear, I do recognize the privilege in all of this. I know I am so, so lucky to even have the means to make pancakes and make videos among other kacheapan.

I also feel better knowing that my friends and the people I’m acquainted with are all generally smart and good-hearted that they, too, are able to recognize the privileges that shape our kind. When conditions get better, I’m sure many of us would be willing to turn this sentiment into material action. (Read: I believe more people are ready to fight and not let corrupt officials survive this pandemic unscathed.)

Anyway, whatever the case may be and wherever you are, dear reader, I hope you continue to stay safe. May you eat good, healthy food every day.


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