Ginisang Togue + Ginisang Munggo

I MADE these dishes last week. I wasn’t feeling well today so I didn’t cook, and I made quesadillas yesterday but I wanted to get rid of these older photos first so, here they are.

For the ginisang togue I simply stir fried all the ingredients and sprinkled the plated dish with some sesame seeds and basil flakes. Next time I will add green beans for more color, and I will also julienne the carrots instead of just chopping them in the laziest way possible (see photo above).

The other dish is ginisang munggo, which looks more like munggo stew.

This dish has fish sauce so it’s not vegetarian. Next time I can probably use soy sauce instead (or fake fish sauce, if that exists). I also made a separate batch without the spinach and with dried fish, but the best ingredient here, in my opinion, is the celery. It adds crunch and some sweetness, which I think is needed because the ampalaya is, uh, very bitter.

I am planning to buy vegan meat in the coming days just for the kicks. They’re not significantly pricier than regular meat so I think they’re worth a try, plus I also want to support local businesses so, yes.

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