“If you can go outside, what do you like to do during this time?”

Where are you isolated right now?

At home.

What are you currently reading/watching right now?

I’m currently reading Nobody’s Looking At You: Essays by Janet Malcolm. I’m not watching anything new at the moment.

If you can go outside, what do you like to do during this time?

I’m a homebody so I just like to stay at home on weekday nights.

Any fascinating concept you’re studying?

Not at the moment, no.

What kind of acts of creativity / forms of art are you currently doing?

Just blogging and making collage stuff on Canva.

A song that resonates with your state of mind at the moment?

うつらない by never young beach

Favourite impulsive / ‘bad’ coping techniques

Hmm…sleeping at odd hours, maybe?

Favourite healthy / ‘good’ coping techniques?

Cooking. You’ve probably seen some of the dishes I’ve made in recent weeks.

What kinds of things have you bought during quarantine?

The only non-essential things I bought for myself are noise-cancelling headphones and scented candles.

I got the questions from Tumblr. The featured image was made in Canva using photos by Raspopova Marina and Ann Danilina from Unsplash.

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