“How much do you like food?”

If you could have anything to eat right now, what would you have?

It’s currently -7′ C in the city so I would love to have some ramen, dimsum, and green tea.

Does having something sweet before your dinner really ruin your appetite?

It doesn’t, no.

When was the last time you made pizza at home from scratch?

I haven’t done it yet. Maybe this week, or next week, or whenever I feel like making food from scratch again.

What’s in your fridge right now?

Uhh, lots of stuff.

Are there any food products made with bugs in your town’s stores?

I guess so? I live in a fairly multicultural city so, yeah.

Would you ever eat a dish where the protein were insects?

I’d give it a try, sure.

What’s your favourite kind of starch in a dish?

Rice, for sure.

Do you have any dietary restrictions? If so, what and why?

I don’t eat pork. I have eaten pork before but I was raised in a no-pork household so I don’t eat pork by default. (Also, I don’t like the sound of the word pork. Pork. Pork. Blegh!)

What’s your favourite restaurant to go to?

I don’t have a single favourite restaurant, but I do love places that serve Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican cuisine.

What do you usually drink with a meal?

Water and/or tea.

What do you like to have for breakfast?

Just coffee and some leftovers from the previous day.

What do you like in your sandwich?

I’m not a big sandwich person but, at Subway, I usually pick white cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, banana peppers, ranch for sauce, and salt and pepper to taste.

What do you usually buy at a cafe?

At Tim’s, I get a medium steeped tea with two creams and one sugar. At Starbucks, I get a grande caramel macchiato with almond milk, half-sweet.

I don’t usually order food at a cafe, but if I’m hungry and I need to eat, I buy a maple french toast bagel with regular cream cheese, or two slices of banana bread with butter.

What do you like with your steak?

I’m not a big steak person so I’ll eat whatever is served along with it. If I had to choose, I’d go with mashed potatoes and veggies (like corn and carrots and roasted asparagus).

Are there any vegan products you like?

I like medium-firm tofu, soy cheese, pita bread, salsa, and dairy-free pasta.

If the dish you ordered at a restaurant isn’t good, what do you do?

I eat it anyway. The one time I had to ask a waiter to please get me a different serving was when I found a strand of hair in my pho.

What do you like to eat while you’re watching a movie?

Popcorn, hotdogs, and pop. These three are pretty much standard for me whenever I watch a movie in the cinemas.

Do you often drop food on yourself while eating?

Yeah, all the time.

How much do you like food?

I’d say 7 out of 10. I love food and I love trying out new cuisines, but there are simply other things that I love more. For instance, if I had to choose between eating one dish for the rest of my life or listening to one album for the rest of my life, I’d rather eat the same food over and over again than limit the kind of music I could listen to. In this regard, I see food as more of a need. As long as I have enough of it, I know I’ll be fine.

Do you have dessert often?

Not really. I get most of my sugar fix from drinking coffee. I usually only eat desserts whenever I’m in the mood to make them myself.

What kinds of things do you like for dessert?

I like cake and other baked goods like cookies, brownies, etc. Ice cream is okay too but I live in a cold city so, meh.

How do you like your potatoes?

Mashed, baked, or grilled.

How do you feel about salad?

They’re okay.

How often do you cook for yourself?

About 90% of the time.

How often do you order takeout?

Very rarely, like maybe once every two months.

Which country’s cuisine do you like best?

Other than Filipino cuisine, I also like Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican food. It’s hard to pick which among them is the best so I listed all five.

What was the first dish you learned to cook?

Adobo, I think.

Do you enjoy eating wraps? If so, what do you like in one?

Yea, wraps are fine but I like burritos better. I like my wraps with tofu and veggies like lettuce and carrots.

Have you ever had filled pita bread? If so, what was in it?

I don’t think so, but do burritos count? Hehe. I like my burritos with black beans, brown rice, corn, cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos, lots of cheese, and chipotle mayo.

Chicken, fish, beef or pork?

Fish > chicken > beef > pork.

Questions from Tumblr. Featured photo from Sara Dubler on Unsplash.


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