Slow Day

I didn’t have much to do today. I finished all the important stuff two days ago so today was just blah. I just lay on the bed, I played a podcast on blast, and I eased in and out of sleep for pretty much the entire day. It was a lazy day.

I got an email from H in the afternoon. I had not replied to any of his messages in a while so he said he was worried. The number of COVID-19 cases in the city had also shot up and, just this week, three people in their 30s had died due to the virus. Maybe H thought I was 30 and dead? I don’t know. I’ll message him tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to pick up a ring. We had our long-delayed oathtaking shebang last week and now we’re supposed to get our rings because, pfft, who knows? I can of course just bail on the appointment and grab my ring some other time but, whatever. I just hope I don’t bump into anyone I know tomorrow. I am not in the mood for small talk at all.

Last Tuesday I got word from one of the companies I previously interviewed with. They said they’re currently reaching out to my references and they will soon send me the final paperwork. I didn’t reply because I thought “soon” was sometime this week. Apparently not. Either they still needed more time to do the paperwork or they decided to go with another candidate. Bummer. I really wanted to work for this company. They do tech stuff for an important cause and the people that I met during the hiring process all seemed great. Whatever.

On slow days like this I tend to fantasize about better things. If I get that job, I will have to move to a bigger city close to the mountains. I will also be able to afford my own place, which is nice. I will live in a clean one-bedroom apartment, preferably with a den and a balcony, and preferably within walking distance to wherever I end up working. The living room will have a good quality daybed for my parents when they come to visit, and the kitchen will be stacked with baking stuff. Ahh, good stuff.

These burgis musings are often always punctuated with guilt — people are dying yet here I am, dreaming of a fancy future for no one else but myself. If only this was something that didn’t bother me but, whatever. I’ll get the ring tomorrow, whatever.

Featured image made using Canva and Unsplash.


  1. atenderunfolding

    I hope you get to live on the mountainside in the future. It’s something I also want for myself. Before I retire from work, the dream is to settle in the province. Don’t worry, it does not sound burgis. It seems human lang and sane and introverted to want that. 😉

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