Ooh, boy, where do I even begin?

Yesterday my father tested positive for COVID-19. My mom is also currently exhibiting symptoms and I, being their close contact slash caregiver, am most likely infected as well.

Everyone in the house has been self-isolating since yesterday. I do the cooking and the cleaning, and I make sure I sanitize all the knobs and the switches and the cupboard handles every half-hour or so. I also wear a mask even at home, and I wash my hands way too frequently that the back of my palms are now as dry as cracked earth. (In the wise words of Gagong Rapper, “It really hurts.”)

My mom and I are scheduled for our swab tests this week but, judging from our symptoms — headache, sore throat, diarrhea — and from the fact that we both are close contacts of an infected person, I am positive that she and I are both COVID-19 positive. Hay, life.

I will keep this blog posted once I make it through this thing, assuming I make it through this thing. If I don’t, then, goodbye, I guess? My only wish is for you to never spread a word about this blog, thank you very much.

On a not-so-grim note, I will start on a new job tomorrow. I will be working from home so I won’t be spreading the virus, and I also feel relatively okay so I think I can still show up to Zoom meetings, fill out HR forms, and do some first-day stuff like trainings, orientation, etc.

Believe it or not, man, I actually got two job offers last week. Two freaking offers! During a pandemic! As an entry level dumb-ass!

I was in high spirits for like a minute or two there, and then my mom got ill. By this time my dad had already started to self-quarantine and we were just waiting for his test results. I tried to be optimistic, I tried to convince myself that maybe my parents just caught the flu despite having had their flu shots — welp. ‘Ayun na nga.

Anyway, it is what it is. Let this be a reminder to all of you that this pandemic is far from over, and that no matter how careful you are, you and your loved ones could still get infected. (I mean, bruh, I literally left the house, like, less than 10 times since March!)

So please take care, kids. Continue to wear your masks, wash your hands, and stay as safe as you can.

Have a good rest of the week! 🙂

Featured image by Aaron Burden from Unsplash.


  1. buddy71

    yes please take care of yourself and your parents and i wish you all well and send good/healthy vibes. even though the news reports more on the deaths, more people survive than die. is you dad aware of where he became infected?

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