Sardinas Linguine

I MADE a quick pasta dish for lunch today. I stir-fried sardinas with tomatoes and bok choy, and I cooked pasta instead of rice because rice takes longer to make and I wanted to eat right away.

So basically this dish is just ginisang sardinas topped on linguine. Must you use linguine to make this dish? Nope. I just happen to have an open box of linguine in my pantry. Must you use gourmet sardines? Nah. I mean, I used Ligo.

When I was editing this video, I realized that I had no knife skills whatsoever. Even I was worried that I would cut my own fingers in the clip. I also realized that I could probably make more quick cooking videos like this, especially because cooking is probably the only thing I do differently every day.

My daily routine is pretty boring, unfortunately. Here, a video (hehe):

Clearly I enjoy taking these videos and putting them together (even though I seem to lack good editing skills as well). Anyway, yes, I cooked sardines and linguine, the end.


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