“What do you typically drink?”

Who have you hugged in the past month?

No one? I live alone and it’s unwise to hug people from the “outside world” so, yeah.

Who did you last drink or smoke up with?

Just me, haha. I barely know anyone in the city so I drink by myself. It’s all good though. I don’t mind drinking alone.

What furniture do you own?

Just a table.

How many board games do you own?

I only have Munchkin.

How often do you find yourself doing laundry?

Once a week. I only have one set of beddings and I don’t have a lot of clothes so, yeah.

What are some names that seem to be coming up a lot in your life lately?

Is this a thing? Nothing comes to mind, sorry.

What does your BIGGEST mug look like?

I literally only have one mug. It’s blue and it’s a mug.

Newest musical discovery?

Last thing you cleaned?

My kitchen.

What exactly do you carry around all your stuff in?

I use my coat pockets to carry my wallet, keys, and phone.

What do you carry around, typically?

Wallet, keys, phone. Oh, and hand sanitizer too!

Where is your newest scar?

I…I don’t know.

Where is your oldest scar?


What is your Mercury sign?

My what?

Last thing you disposed of?

Food waste, like bok choy butts, onion peels, etc.

Are you good at recovering from injuries?

I’m good at not getting injured, how about that?

How many different public restrooms have you used this week?


What color are the hand rails at your house?

I got no handrails up in here.

How’s the paint job?


Do you have more piercings or tattoos?

I have zero piercings and tattoos.

What is the sum of the two facets above?


What was the last picture someone sent you?

A picture of my friend’s firstborn.

Did you hear a siren today?

I don’t think so.

What do you typically drink?

Water, coffee, beer, or wine.

Last bad news you heard?

The Cha-Cha thing.

Last good news you heard?

Barça’s comeback against Granada last week.

How much change do you have on you, roughly?

Not much! I need to go to the bank soon to get loonies and toonies so I can pay for laundry.

What is a strength of yours?


What do you feel good about today?

I made good coffee this morning.

When was the last time you just looked up at the sky and smiled?

Just now. It’s -30′ C around here but the sun’s out and the sky’s clear so, not bad. Not bad at all.

Questions from Tumblr. Featured photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț from Unsplash.


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