Sunday Currently #12

I just finished writing a lengthy-ass, dry-ass, boring-ass article and now I want to do something light before I head to bed. I am currently

reading a young adult book called Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon.

writing nothing else but this.

listening to “Voicemail” by Grrl Cloud.

watching, or have been watching, 30 Rock.

thinking about whether I should go to work tomorrow or not.

smelling a faint whiff of alcohol from the now-empty bottle of moscato on my table.

wishing for a jowa.

hoping that my friend’s court hearing gets moved to an earlier date.

wearing a robe because it’s still freezing over here.

loving The Esthers.

wanting to write more.

needing more money.

feeling tired and raddled, but let me share with you some photos from today before I sleep.

Today’s supper was quesadilla, or some beta version of it. Black beans, corn kernels, and diced tomatoes mixed with a generous amount of salt and cumin. Soy cheese for the queso, whole wheat wrap because it’s what I have.

This quesadilla-prototype has been one of my easy-peasy go-to recipes in recent weeks. I usually eat it with salsa.

After supper I ate the chocolate cake that had been sitting in my fridge for three days now. I only took two or three bites before I put it back in the fridge. Sobrang tamis, mehn! It’s vegan though — store-bought, not homemade — but it’s just too sweet.

These banana muffins are homemade, but not vegan. I baked them early this evening and they turned out fine. I think I put too much vanilla though, but they’re fine.

The table riser that I ordered arrived this morning. I re-organized my multi-purpose table so it’s a little less cluttered now. It will look a lot neater if I had wireless peripherals, but my wired keyboard and mouse are still perfectly functional so, meh. I’ll upgrade later.

Finally — and I say “finally” because this is the last photo in my stash — my bookshelf. The books that used to be on my table as makeshift risers are now on my mini bookshelf. I only brought a few books with me when I moved. I mostly read e-books these days, but I still find joy in having physical books around.

My bowl of mandarins and my acorn squash are also stored on the same shelf. They vibe with the candles and the modem and the small plants, which, according to my mom, are “hard to kill.”

“They’re perfect for you,” she said. She gave me those plants as a housewarming gift when I moved out this year. Over a month in and the plants are still alive so, yeah. Those plants are perfect for me, indeed.

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