Banana Ooh La La

I had a surplus of rotten bananas in the last couple weeks and so, as my wont, I turned them into baked goodies.

First I made banana bread. My bananas were only slightly rotten at this time — the peels had dark spots, but the structural integrity of the fruit was still relatively intact.

I also took a video and made a vlog because, well — there was nothing else to do.

I still had leftover bananas after making the bread. It took some time before I decided to bake again, and the remaining bananas had gotten so ripe their skin had turned charcoal black, and the fruit inside had morphed into pure Gerber mush.

I didn’t want to throw them out though. Last Sunday, I finally turned them into chocolate chip banana muffins.

I made only six muffin cups altogether. I found a recipe online and deliberately altered the portions so I could make a smaller batch. These muffins are just for me anyway.

Also, FYI, I never use pre-made mixes whenever I bake. I never follow strict measurements either. I guess-timate for the most part, and it hasn’t failed me so far. It helps that I bake only for myself. Even when I mess up, I still eat my goodies with pride. #selflove

(If you’re feeding other people, please be more diligent in getting the right measurements. Okay? Okay.)

And since I’m already blabbing about food and showing off some videos, I might as well include another cooking clip in which I make kimchi fried rice. This has nothing to do with bananas, but kimchi fried rice is what I usually cook whenever I need to salvage my almost-spoilt rice and I am too lazy to make a separate, proper dish.

(I don’t like the word viand for some reason. It’s technically the correct translation for ulam, but it sounds so unnatural, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I’m about to head out soon to do some errands and I’m thinking about buying fast food. Nakaka-miss din e. Hmm, should I? Hmm…

Featured photo by Deon Black from Unsplash


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