Sunday Currently #14

I am currently

reading If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi by Neel Patel.

writing this.

listening to Geowulf’s “Don’t Talk About You.”

watching, or had just re-watched, The Social Network. Still bomb-ass. I might watch it again later this week. Also, best use of a Radiohead cover song in a movie trailer ever:

thinking about the work that I have to do tomorrow. Gahhh. Just thinking about it makes me feel heavy and languid and all sorts of anxious.

smelling nothing in particular.

wishing that tomorrow never comes. Charet.

hoping that I get to survive the coming weeks at work.

wearing a jacket because it’s quite cold.

loving @Catshealdeprsn

wanting my own cat.

needing strength, patience, and the mental acuity to survive another work week.

feeling sleepy hayyy.

Featured photo from Unsplash.

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