“If you could change anything from your teenage years, would you?”

Are you between the ages of 30 & 40?


What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon growing up?

Magic Knight Rayearth?

What was your favorite toy as a child?

Meh. I was more into books.

In High School did you wear acid washed jeans?


How much was a gallon of gasoline when you first started driving?

I don’t remember.

What was your first car?


Who taught you how to drive?

I don’t remember his name but I took lessons from a professional driving instructor.

What was your high school mascot?

A gecko, but it wasn’t official.

Did you go to your Senior Prom?

My school was too cool to do proms, haha.

What did you do after graduation?

Like, after the grad ceremony? We went straight to our grad dinner, then we went back to the dorms and changed to comfy clothes, then we all hung out by the school yard (naks sa “yard”) until past curfew.

What was your first job?

It wasn’t a job job, but the first ever gig I got paid for was when my school’s rondalla group performed during a fiesta night or something. I got paid twenty pesos. I was 11. Hehe.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Psh, I wanted to be a lot of things, man, but I never wished to be an engineer. Well, well, well.

Any posters on your bedroom walls growing up?

I had posters of F4, for sure!

Do you remember the first time you drank a beer?

I remember taking a sip from my father’s glass of beer when I was a kid.

Did you ever try cigarettes?

I used to smoke, yes.

How did you spend your summers growing up?

Watching TV, reading books, sending text requests to radio shows, fantasizing about living in Metro Manila, etcetera, etcetera.

If you could change anything from your teenage years, would you?

I wish I was not as angry.

Also, I wish someone had pep-talked me into studying Film.

Do you remember your first time?

First time doing what?

Ever look back and wish some things were still the same?

Sometimes, yea. The operative phrase though is “some things.” I wouldn’t want to go back and be the exact same person that I was.

After high school – straight to college or straight to work?

Straight to college.

How much did you make per hour at your first job?

$10 dollars, I think?

Favorite home-cooked meal growing up?

I don’t remember.

Favorite place to eat out growing up?


Did your parents live in a different country before you were born?

I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

Do you have a preferred coffee brand?


Have you ever dated someone who was terrible with money?


If so, how did it affect the relationship?


How often do you paint your nails?

I don’t paint my nails.

Do you know anyone who’s related to a current or former world leader?

Nope. At least I don’t think so.

Do you do your own taxes, or do you hire a professional?

I started doing my own since last year.

What is something you don’t have any natural talent for?

I don’t think I have any natural talent for anything.

Did you watch this year’s Eurovision?

Nope. Si Mochichi tanungin mo, haha.

Have there been any periods in your life that could be described as being chaotic?

Of course.

What is something you frequently forget?


If I looked in your fridge right now, what would I find?

Bread, eggs, butter, minced garlic, better-than-bouillon, pesto sauce, gochujang, soybean paste, mayonnaise, ketchup, salsa, KitKat bars, burrito wraps, kimchi, water, beer, wine, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, chayote, bok choy, coffee creamer, cream cheese, leftover ulam.

I had baked tilapia fillet the other day, hihi.

How do you feel about your body?

Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

Who is someone you would like to get to know better?

Sikret. Chz.

If you had to move to a new city, where would you move?

I don’t know.

Have you ever traveled on a double-decker train?

Double-decker bus, yes. To die by your siiiide ♪

At what point do you consider a relationship to be ‘long-term?’

One year plus.

What jobs did your parents have when you were growing up?

Boring (and low-paying) office jobs.

Do they still have these jobs? Or different jobs? Or have they retired?

Different jobs.

Do you own any winter sports equipment?


Do you have a cell contract plan, or are you on a pre-paid plan?


Would your parents be okay with you dating someone of another race?


Do you like when friends stop by unexpectedly?

Not during the pandemic, no.

Where are the following people and what are they doing: mom, dad, sibling(s), best friend, significant other, ex, and last person you kissed?

Most likely in their respective houses.

How strong are your feelings for the last person you kissed?

Not strong.

What was the last thing someone else bought for you?

I don’t know, actually.

If your parents looked in your purse/book bag would they find anything you don’t want them to see? What about your bedroom? Do you have anything hidden in there?

I don’t even use a purse on a regular basis.

How close are you to the last person you hung out with? Can you be your complete self around them?

Other than my parents, hmm — yea, I guess I can be myself around that person.

If you decided to call your ex right now, do you think he/she would answer? How would the conversation go?

I think he’d answer. I’m not sure how the conversation would go though.

Are you attracted to the last person you exchanged numbers with?

Uh, my landlord? Hell no.

Is music a daily part of your life?


Yellow nail polish: yes or no?


What do you think of country music?

Keri lang.

Have you ever ended a relationship but wish you could’ve kept it a little longer?


Did you go to your high school’s graduation?

I did, yes.

If you could live the last three months over again, is there anything you’d change?

No, actually.

Who was the last person to message you on Facebook? What would you do if that person told you they have feelings for you?

Dude, that person’s gay AF so I’d be hella surprised.

How did you feel when you woke up today?


Who was the first person you talked to today? What did you talk about?

My co-workers. We talked about work.

When you apply your make-up, do you do it in a specific order?

Yea. Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer (when I feel like it), blush, lipstick, eyebrow gel, then I curl my lashes using a curler.

Did you do anything sexual last night?


Do you think the last person you Facebook messaged is a virgin?

Hell no.

Did any of your friends lose their virginity before they were 16? If so, did you feel pressured to do the same?

Yea, some of them. No, not really.

Has someone of the opposite sex made you smile today?

Barney Stinson? Ted Mosby?

Does it matter to you if your significant other smokes?

At this age? Yea it would bother me.

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Define deep. Naks.

Do you like where you are in life right now?

It could be better but, considering how fucked up the world is, I’d say I’m in a relatively good place.

Do you hate it when there is a fly around you?


Is your mom overbearing?


Is there snow where you live?


Questions from Tumblr. Featured photo by Rosalind Chang.


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