My weekends are typically slow and boring, just the way I like it. Today, Saturday, was no different.

The first thing I did when I woke up was wash the dishes. I soaked the crusty baking pans last night so I could easily scrub them clean this morning. I also sanitized the kitchen counter and the dining table, and then I made my coffee.

I considered going out for groceries while the Saturday crowd was still in bed, but I remembered that I had a delivery arriving this morning. I needed to be in the house to receive the package. I sat on the couch, turned on the TV, and put on a random season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

A full season later and the package still had not arrived. It was already past noon. I decided to check the delivery app on my phone and saw that the package was already marked “Delivered.” Hmm. How could they have delivered it when I didn’t hear the buzzer at all?

I got off the couch, headed to the door, and found the package sitting right in front of my doorway. A neighbor probably saw the delivery person and decided to receive the package for me. I guess they were just trying to be nice but, still. Annoying.


I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some online shopping without actually checking out. This had turned into a new hobby, this whole shopping-without-buying thing. I didn’t really need any of the thingamabobs that I added to my cart except, maybe, for the plant pots.

My mom gave me a spider plant and a snake plant when I moved out, and I also started buying my own plants for the apartment. I didn’t expect the plants to stay alive for long but, alas, they did. Not only did they survive the dry-ass climate in my dry-ass apartment — they actually grew and, hmm. Thrived?

I browsed the Internet for places where I could buy cheap pots and planters. IKEA, Urban Outfitters, Simons, etc. I guess I wasn’t just looking for ordinary plastic pots. I also wanted to have pots that look cute around the house.

I considered driving to the dollar store to see what they have, but I was already a little hungry. I was also not 100% sold on spending money on new pots, so I decided to cook instead.


The package that I was waiting for this morning was from a food delivery service that offered me a free 9-meal trial. They sent all the ingredients but I still needed to prep and cook the food myself. Today I decided to make veggie spaghetti bolognese and spring mix salad.

I ate all the salad in one sitting (there’s not a lot of it anyway). The spaghetti was also yum, and I think the balsamic vinegar was the magic ingredient.


The sun was still up at past 7 in the evening. I already finished re-reading Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke. I considered buying the Saga compendium and the three Transmetropolitan TPs but, nah. They’re all too pricey.

Because I had nothing else to do — and because I didn’t feel like working on a weekend — I decided to divide and repot my spider plant. I had a spare ceramic spot anyway. I thought about taking a video for my YouTube channel, but I got lazy. I took some photos though.

I think I may have used the wrong soil. When I started watering the plants in their new pots, I noticed that the soil was too slow to drain. Spider plants do not like soggy soil, so. Oh well.


I wrote Notes 1 to 4 above many a-Saturdays ago. A lot had happened since. Deaths, bouts of depression, etc. Today, Saturday, is another boring Saturday in my cushy, privileged life. Delusions, delusions, delusions. Yes, Mary Oliver. I am breathing just a little and calling it a life.


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