song recos pls

I wish I dated a lot more when I was younger. I should have gone out more when I was a lot prettier and a lot “fresher”, a lot less tired and a lot less bruised by the punches of being an adult. I would have had a lot more room and a lot more time to make mistakes too. Uggghhhh.

I say this because ‘tang ina shet I really, really hate myself right now. I am constantly checking my phone for a message that I know deep in my gut will never come. I am constantly checking Twitter for any signs of activity from a person who only thinks of me as a rebound or a booty call or a rebound booty call. I am constantly thinking of where he might be this late in the night. Why is he not tweeting? Is he out on a date? Is he back with his ex? Do I even pop in his head at all?

Fuuuuuck my life. Fuuuuuck him. Fuuuuuck everything.

Anyway, whatever. This won’t kill me. I’ll get over this. For now, all I really want is to listen to songs that describe whatever it is I’m feeling. Or any song actually. Please recommend me some good tunes, dear reader! I really need a pick-me-up. Thank you!

Featured photo by Mario Azzi


  1. Rai

    Desire by Meg Myers
    Grow by Rae Morris
    Don’t Fear the Reaper (Re:Imagine) by Denmark and Winter
    Diminuendo by Lawless
    Wild Enough by Elina
    No One by Jess Glynne

    Feel better Jolens!!! 😌 sending hugs!

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