drawing pt. 1

I got my drawing tablet in the mail today, so I spent the entire Friday night trying my darndest to paint Vicky from Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Millennium Mambo.

The piece is technically unfinished but it is almost 3 am so I’m like, welp — not bad for a first attempt. Good job, self. I really need to learn how to use layers though. And how to blend! Blending is hard, man. I could barely do it with watercolor on paper. I most definitely could not do it using a computer.

Ohh! Speaking of, have you guys watched Millennium Mambo? It’s a really old film, but I watched it for the first time only last Tuesday. I saw it in one of those Must Watch For Lonely People lists on Letterboxd, and it stars Shu Qi so I got intrigued. Boy oh boy was I glad I watched it. What a beautiful movie! If only aimlessness was as gorgeous IRL as it is in this film.

And that opening scene? Chef’s kiss, man! I missed the good ole days back in QC where footbridges abound. Even the film’s ending was too beautiful I froze after seeing it. I literally just stared at my laptop and watched the credits roll. Not a single shit was given even if the credits were written in a script I could not read at all. I wish I could see this film again on the big screen, man. The colors, the shots — ang ganda. Ang ganda lang talaga.

In other news, my job interview went well today. I just need to send them my references, and hopefully I get the offer. I’m crossing my fingers here, man. I really need a new job.

Also, I just had four cans of gin soda because I thought drinking alcohol would help me sleep. Nope. Did not work, but it could be because I am writing this in the kitchen instead of on my bed. Anyway, woops — it is almost 4am. Ciao, folks! May you all enjoy your weekend. 🙂

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