drawing pt. 2

IT IS almost midnight, and I am just about to eat supper. Blame the drawing tablet, my friends. It’s addictive as dope.

For today’s drawing project, I drew a portrait. It’s supposed to be a self portrait, except I don’t think I look as chinita in real life. I actually don’t look like the painting at all — or maybe I do. You just have to squint hard and long enough to see the resemblance. Heh.

I didn’t plan on painting my mug today. The original goal was to paint another film-related fanart similar to yesterday’s Millennium Mambo, this time for Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird. I wanted to paint that scene with Lady Bird and Kyle after they had sex for the first time, and Kyle was like, “You’re gonna have so much unspecial sex in your life.” Touché, Kyle. Touché.

I only got as far as sketching the outline though. I couldn’t figure out how to color properly, and it didn’t help that the scene I wanted to paint had two faces in it. I tested out different brushes, watched a few YouTube videos for tips and tricks — I got stumped. Everything I did looked like shit, and it took me about four hours before I finally surrendered and moved on to a relatively easier project.

Ergo, the “self” portrait. Attempting to paint my own face was a lot easier, but the process itself was far from easy. Digital art ain’t easy, my friends. I never really had any strong opinions for or against it, but if you’re one of those gatekeeping folks who believe that digital art is cheating — think again, man. Or even better: try it out for yourself. Painting using a computer is not as easy as you think it is.

Anyway, I’m starting to doze off as I write this so I will keep this short. Tomorrow I think I will just work on basic sketches instead of going full-swing on painting faces. Or maybe not. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friends!

PS. Do any of you remember this song from Naruto way, way back in the day? This song hits the spot, man. I feel old as fuck.


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