so many things to do

So little time.

It is once again past midnight and I am still awake. Two slabs of chicken breasts are baking in the oven as I write this. I haven’t eaten anything proper the entire day, so I needed to make something tonight (this morning) in case I go batshit hungry tomorrow (later today). My soiled clothes are also still sitting in the hamper. For whatever reason, I once again failed to do my laundry this weekend.

Today was not productive at all. I didn’t do much other than set up my new docking station and create a new Twitter account. I normally don’t post anything on my socials but — I dunno. I guess I’m getting lonelier and lonelier by the minute, so I’m looking for more people to connect with. I won’t post my new @, but please let me know if you want to check it out so I can ping you in private. You can also online-stalk me, that’s an option too.

I was not able to draw a portrait today. I wanted to paint Boredoms’ Yoshimi, but I got distracted by — pfft, I don’t even remember. The whole day just breezed through like a phantom haze. What did I even do? I guess I remember singing along to old OPM songs. YouTube played Kamikazee’s “Narda” and Rico Blanco’s “Antukin” and I was like, ahh, those were the good old days! My teenage years weren’t all peaches and roses; life was just a lot simpler back then.

Anyway, instead of painting a portrait, I tried to draw some quick pieces for my Twitter header. The quickest shit I have shat is this galaxy thingamathing. I didn’t end up using it though, haha.

I also started working on this illustration of a woman hugging her knees, but I couldn’t draw her feet. Funny because the art community on Twitter is all up in arms against AI-generated art. Some folks have been marking up AI pieces to identify everything that is “wrong” with them including, dun dun dun — misshapen hands and feet. Apparently AI is just as much of an amateur when it comes to drawing hands and feet.

I gave up on illustrating the feet because patience is a finite resource, my friend, and I am authentically unintelligent. I ended up making a gif instead:

I was drowning in the usual Sunday scaries so I drew a face that was half-submerged in water, and I animated the ripples. The first draft (above) didn’t quite work because — are they ripples? Or are they worms?

For the second draft, I added a couple layers of color:

It’s a bit better, but the question still stands — are they ripples? Or are they worms?

For the last draft, I replaced the black swirls with blue squiggles. I also made the eyes move a bit. The squiggles still look like wormsies but, pfft. That’s the best I got for now. Ya girl needs to do other things away from the keyboard, ya know?

The chicken breasts are now cooked. The dishes have been washed. Two emails have been drafted. It is past 2 in the morning. It is time to call it a day.


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