OKAY, okay, I promise won’t stay up past midnight tonight — which is to say that I won’t finish this new piece that I’m working on.

Have you all heard of Chainsaw Man? Yea, me neither. I see it all the time on Twitter though, especially the character Makima. She seems to be very popular among anime fans and cosplayers. I’m not into anime or cosplays or any of them nerdy cons, but my algorithm got wind of these things because I had been sneaking into The Guy’s feed every few hours and he’s a huge weab.

Anyway, I decided to paint Makima because, I dunno — she seems easy to draw? Her defining features are the red hair and the full bangs with the two longer side bangs. I was able to draw that much today, just the hair and the skin, but my base sketch was kinda wonky so I got stuck again. I have no idea how to draw the rest of her face.

I also effed up because I drew her bangs as if it was being blown by the breeze, but I kept the braids static behind her back. The physics does not make sense but, pfft, whatever. Maybe I’ll fix it tomorrow; maybe I’ll move on to a new project.

I high-key envy those digital artists who can finish sketches in just half an hour. Meanwhile, it took me six hours plus plus to get to this unfinished piece. The good news is I think I am slowly getting the hang of Krita, the open-source software that I use because, well, it is open-source and free. I am now slightly quicker at switching between brushes, and I can now use the color-picker without hopping to a new screen. I also programmed one of the tablet buttons so it flips the image horizontally — apparently this is a good way to find odd details that would otherwise be difficult to spot.

In other news, I still haven’t done my laundry. I really need to empty out that hamper, man. Also, the only thing I have eaten today is half a sandwich and a bowl of instant ramen. Woops — it is now 12:01am. I guess I am staying up past midnight tonight after all. I’m starving.

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