dalagang pusa

THE FIRST good news of the day: I finally did my laundry. Half of it, at least. The elevators were down and I didn’t feel like lugging over two weeks’ worth of clothes up and down the stairs so I only washed half the hamper. Not bad!

Second: I got a job offer! Yes sir! Woohoo!

Third: Argentina won! They’re through to the finals!

And fourth: I drew something again! The streak continues, my friends, and I plan to keep at it until the itch just naturally fizzles out. It’s fun!

Tonight I drew a cat wearing a baro, the traditional Filipino blouse. Per usual, this wasn’t what I initially wanted to draw. I first tried working some more on last night’s Makima study, but it’s just too difficult. My biggest mistake was not polishing the sketch before applying the colors. Now I’m left with a blank canvas of a face, and I have no clue how to fit in the rest of the features.

I fixed her hair though by tucking the braid behind her head, and I also added in the eyebrows. After that, I gave up.

I started a new project with a sketch of a cat playing the guitar. I am terrible at drawing anatomy so I couldn’t figure out how to pose a cat standing on its two hind legs while the other two legs are holding a guitar. It took me about half-hour before giving up. But since I already drew the cat’s face, I was like, why not dress Muning in Filipiniana instead of getting her to play bass?

And that’s how I got to drawing this dalagang pusa.

I still want to practice drawing portraits though. Faces. Once I feel comfortable drawing faces, I will move on to drawing bodies. Then maybe landscape and scenes once I get better. Anyway, I still gots a long, looong way to go.


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