“Have you ever turned down someone you liked?”

Have you ever turned down someone you liked?

Nah. I’m quite firm about these things, actually. If I turned you down at some point, it means I didn’t like you at all and there’s nothing much you can do to change my mind.

When was the last time you were at a loss of what to do?

A few weeks ago, maybe?

The last time you let someone go, was it to make yourself happy or them?

Hmm. I’m not sure if either of us ended up being “happy” afterwards, or if that was even the goal to begin with.

Who was the last person that could tell something was wrong with you?

Uhh, I’m not sure.

Anything bad happen today?

Not really. I was dead tired yesterday so today was relatively chill.

Have you ever thought about online dating? If so, were you desperate?

I’ve thought about it, yes. I’d say I was more curious than desperate.

Do you try not to take a lot of medicine or do you take it whenever?

Depende. I try not to take meds when I have the flu, for example, but I always take meds when I have menstrual cramps.

Are you ever scared of people reading your survey answers?

People that I know in real life, I guess?

Do you like cuddling with someone you like?

Yeah, for sure.

What did you do last night?

I just slept. I was on the road the entire day yesterday so by the time I got home, I was straight-up exhausted.

How frequently do you get fed up of doing a survey and give up before you finish it?

I think it happened only once. I basically had so much fun answering one question that I abandoned the entire survey and turned a single answer into an entire post on its own. (I’m talking about the titi ng santol story, which I originally wrote as an answer to a question about childhood memories, hehe.)

Who did you last ride in a car with besides family?

I don’t remember who exactly, but it’s either E or K. I think it’s E. Yeah, it’s E for sure.

Did you ever join a gym to look hot and get back at an ex bf/gf?

Sa ganda kong ‘to? Charot, haha.

Would you ever go back to your most recent ex?

I think about it sometimes but, nah.

Has an adult ever allowed you to smoke a cigarette?

When I was a kid? Nah.

Run your tongue over your teeth. What do they feel like?

Uh, crooked?

Does crying mean that you’re weak or you’re just expressing grief?

It can mean a lot of things!

Wait, I forgot to ask! How are you feeling today?

Still tired from yesterday but, otherwise, I’m okay.

Questions from Tumblr. Photo edited on Canva.


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